Special focus: Pakistan

Kristiane consults on business opportunities in Pakistan including facilitating energy, infrastructure, tourism and technology projects. Kristiane has developed deep friendships and excellent contacts in Pakistan over the years, realising the untapped potential of the country and that the reality in Pakistan is very different to its public image. Kristiane was first introduced to Pakistan in 1992 when she joined Imran Khan and his friends on numerous travels through the mountainous province of KPK, Sindh, Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi. Through her travels she discovered the outstanding natural beauty of Pakistan, the rich, diverse culture and warm hearted people.. This is something she conveys in her bestselling book From MTV to Mecca, which tells her journey to Islam. Kristiane launched her book at numerous universities and institutions in Pakistan, including LUMS and the Iqbal Academy in Lahore and she spoke to a great number of Overseas Pakistanis in the UK as well as the USA. The Urdu edition was published in 2015.

Kristiane consults on media and press related issues and gives media and presentation training to individual or corporate clients.  

Kristiane has over twenty years- experience with all aspects of the media- from radio and print journalism, presenting, reporting and interviewing for TV and radio, PR and event hosting as well as handling the press as a personality. Kristiane understands well the power of the media and the importance of being in the game professionally. She now advises For more information on media please visit www.kristianebacker.com

Islam and the West

Kristiane Backer is well placed to advise on intercultural and interfaith matters and especially issues relating to Islam and the West. She authored the book From MTV to Mecca which tells her personal journey into the culture and religion of Islam. She has travelled Muslim countries extensively and has twice performed the great pilgrimage, the Hajj in Saudi Arabia.