Art Consultancy

Discrete – Bespoke – Secure

Modern and Postwar Art. Impressionism. Expressionism. Pop Art. Old Masters. Eastern and Islamic art.

Art has become an important asset class. Although most collectors buy art for love, their investment also has to make commercial sense.

We are based between London, Germany and Switzerland with an international network of art professionals in the USA, China, Europe and the Middle East. These include private collectors and corporate clients, leading museums, curators, and art market specialists such as valuers, art law and tax advisors, auctioneers and restorers as well as art finance specialists and lenders, journalists, event organisers, art critics and security personnel.

Kristiane is fascinated by the digitalisation of information and assets of any kind. She sees a great future in the digitalisation of art, the use of blockchain to register art and NFTs.